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Falcon Wireless Direct is primarily a wireless solutions provider for business, institutional, and public safety users.  We have recognized a growing need for license free 2-way radios both for our primary customers as well as consumer and recreational users requiring professional grade products.

License free radios are available in the 27 MHz (CB), 460 MHz (FRS), 900 MHz (ISM), VHF 151-154 MHz (MURS) and most recently - WiFi. Professional grade personal 2-way radios (portables, or "terminals" if you prefer) are available in both the ISM and MURS bands although product selections are limited.  There is only one ISM choice, and it is expensive.  Professional grade MURS portable radios are available from Motorola and Ritron.  We do not deal with consumer grade MURS radios such as Dakota Alert, nor do we offer CB, FRS, or ISM radios.  Our business is to provide top quality professional grade, license free and airtime free MURS radios for maximum range, flexibility, and low cost of operation. Most recently, WiFi radios have become available with some interesting potential for use in schools, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and hospitals.

As noted earlier, there are only two manufacturers currently certified to sell MURS portable radios with FCC Part 95 certification.  Motorola offers only two portable models.  Ritron offers a complete family of products including a variety of portables, base stations, wireless intercoms, customer assistance call buttons,  call boxes, gate controllers, alarm reporters, and more!  Ritron is made in the USA!  For this reason, we offer only Ritron products as being the best choice for those we serve. At this time, to the best of our knowledge, ICOM is the only manufacturer offering WiFi radio systems in the US.

For more information, on MURS, click here or for more information on WiFi, click here. If you prefer, give us a call at 800.489.2611, or drop us an email to ServingU@falcondirect.com.

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